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Instantly test-cover your Django REST Framework based API.

Django-REST-Assured adds another layer on top of Django REST Framework’s APITestCase which allows covering a set of RESTful resource’s endpoints with a single class declaration.

This gives both a quick coverage of sanity tests to your API and a more DRY and more friendly platform for writing additional, more comprehensive tests.

As easy as

class CategoryTestCase(ReadWriteRESTAPITestCaseMixin, BaseRESTAPITestCase):

    base_name = 'category'
    factory_class = CategoryFactory
    create_data = {'name': 'comedy'}
    update_data = {'name': 'horror'}

Django-REST-Assured is designed to work with factory_boy for mocking objects to test against. However, you can easily extend the BaseRESTAPITestCase to work directly with Django Models or any other factory.

Main features

  • Class-based declarative API for creating tests.
  • Covers the stack through: route > view > serializer > model.
  • Uses Django REST Framework’s conventions to minimize configuration.
  • All tests return the response object for more extensive assertions.
  • Automatic mocking of authentication if a user factory is provided.


The basic form of usage is simply to create a class that extends any mixin from rest_assured.testcases, according to the endpoints you wish to cover, and the BaseRESTAPITestCase class.

Then just set the required attributes, and continue extending it from there.


class CategoryAPITestCase(ReadWriteRESTAPITestCaseMixin, BaseRESTAPITestCase):

    base_name = 'category'
    factory_class = Category
    create_data = {'name', 'documentary'}
    update_data = {'name', 'horror'}

If your API requires authentication and/or authorization just add a user factory class. Assuming you use factory_boy:


# in some module in your accounts app
class User(factory.DjangoModelFactory):

    class Meta:
        model = User
        exclude = ('raw_password',)

    first_name = 'Robert'
    last_name = factory.Sequence(lambda n: 'Paulson the {0}'.format(n))
    email = factory.sequence(lambda n: 'account{0}'.format(n))
    username = 'mayhem'
    raw_password = '123'
    password = factory.PostGenerationMethodCall('set_password', raw_password)
    is_active = True

# now back in your module
class CategoryAPITestCase(ReadWriteRESTAPITestCaseMixin, BaseRESTAPITestCase):

    base_name = 'category'
    factory_class = Category
    # see here:
    user_factory = User
    create_data = {'name', 'documentary'}
    update_data = {'name', 'horror'}


Tests run against:

  • Django 1.6 - 1.11.
  • Django REST Framework 2.4.3 - 3.6.
  • Python 2.7, 3.3 - 3.6 (3.2 should work but is not tested).



$ pip install django-rest-assured


$ git clone
$ python install


Issues are tracked in the github repository.

Pull requests are welcome!

Running tests

$ pip install pytest pytest-django
$ py.test


Django-REST-Assured is distributed under the BSD license.

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